Acknowledgement: a key ingredient to being…

In my reflections over the last few years, it has become very clear that if we received acknowledgment growing up, if who we are, even from the ego/mind sense, was seen, the level to which we would be grasping for identifications in this world would be greatly diminished.

If that acknowledgement went past the ego/mind reality, to the acknowledgement of our being, it would have facilitated the shedding of what cloaks our being from the world and for many we would not grasp at all.

We would experience a total comfort in our skin, in our incarnation, which allows the truth of our being here to shine. It allows our essence to be in the world, radiating our magnificence.

Imagine for a moment if your parents told you everyday that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and that you are a gift to all around you and the world. Imagine if their parents told them, and their parents told them…..

In my heart and soul I know this is true for every single one of us, no exceptions. And what’s more, no-one will ever be You not only in this incarnation but in existence.

Let’s begin by acknowledging others around us. For many there is a greater ease in seeing the contribution of others than the contribution we are. Begin there. As you continue to observe and reflect, you may begin to notice that you too are a contribution to the world: acknowledge yourself.

Acknowledging yourself is the key to not relying on anything or anyone outside of you. This is the source of true self-love.

Rather than notice what is lacking, you notice what IS. My hope is that you will begin to perceive what I know: that You are an invaluable aspect of Divinity, and without your Presence, Oneness is incomplete from reflecting its radiance and light.

Another thing I know: when you acknowledge something, someone or yourself, the Universe picks up the vibration of that acknowledgement and more of that vibration is created. It will present in different forms/no form, yet the vibration of the new creation is a match. It is as if acknowledgement is also asking for more of that beautiful perceiving acknowledgement to show up in and as your life. It is saying “YES” to life and creating a perpetual light vibrating life.

Go for it: Acknowledge – and I can guarantee you will be happier and you will begin to love who you truly are – rather than all the “bells and whistles” this reality deems as who you are.

xx Blessings – Enrica

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  • Anthony
    Posted at 13:31h, 04 March Reply

    Some great wisdom Enrica.
    Yes our experience of the world stems from filters, conditioning and habits. For me I have found the quickest way to deconstruct our chains is not battling with the old but knowing and energising the new – our true identity. !!

    • Enrica Mallard
      Posted at 14:29h, 05 March Reply

      Yes to that Anthony. Resisting or judging as wrong only creates more resistance and more judgement. Knowing is the language of our true self. Thanks for sharing your knowing. xx Enrica

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