August 2019 Newsletter

August 2019 Newsletter

Create with the Potency and Clarity of Being…

Many of us are aware that we toggle between moments when we function from our awareness and are Present, and moments when we function from our ego/minds and are subject to its content, both conscious and unconscious.

Creating your life as you intend it can only truly come to be when we step out of the reality of the ego/mind and function from the no time/space of Being. Harnessing our awareness as the resource of choice, the language of Being, we create what matches the vibration of our intent.

The content of our ego/minds is, by its very nature, constructed, maintained and consolidated with judgement, expectation and conclusion. It has an inherent agenda with every single choice we make or even propose to make.

When we function from Being there is no agenda or attachment to the outcome, only choice. We perceive information and maintain a clear and untainted view of what is.

Here are 5 steps to creating from Being rather than the ego/mind:

1. Be in total allowance of what is.

Rather than judging this moment as to what you “need” it to be or what you prefer this moment to be, be in total allowance of what is.

Let go and surrender any resistance to what is (content of the ego/mind). The Universe is more than willing to transmute that content. It is not separate from you, so let go any resistance or reaction to your current situation.

2. Love yourself unconditionally in the moment.

Do not judge yourself for any past event or experience. Be in this moment, ‘naked’ and free of judgment and expectation.

If it helps, imagine yourself as an innocent child. Embrace that child with a beautiful and unconditional hug of love. Now extend your arms to hug yourself as you are now, hugging both you and the child.

3. Reflect on how you are choosing your life to be.

Take your time to clearly visualise and gain clarity on how you are choosing your life to be. Bring your attention to the vibration of what you are choosing. It is the vibration that the Universe mirrors back to you.

The Universe reflects back the net vibration of our choosing. Stay in the moment (no past or future reference points) and maintain the vibration of your choosing.

4. Make a choice.

Many times we bring our attention to potential choices and do not actually make a choice. We look at them from afar. We either think it is out of reach, not possible or our ego/minds create fear around stepping forward to make a choice.

The interesting thing about choices is that if it doesn’t work for you just make another choice. This establishes the empowerment of you continuing to make choices for you, that work for you.

The ego/mind creates quite the opposite – creating the illusion of impotence and rushing you with thoughts that justify and defend doing nothing. The ego/mind will always seek to maintain status quo.

So, reflect on how you are choosing your life to be (No. 3 above) and make a choice that contributes to creating that reality. Do not propose to choose it. Choose it.

We make choices all the time, often unconscious. From this moment, make choices more conscious and ask “If I choose this, will it contribute to how I am choosing my life to be”. (Remember, it is the net vibration that is the key) and choose it.

5. Step into the vibration of the choice and be and do what your awareness informs you to be and do.

Once you have made a choice, live that choice, be that choice. Maintain the vibration of what you are choosing, and it will unfold into reality. You may not know the exact timing in this realm of its unfolding, yet you will perceive the information that it is unfolding.

This stage is not a passive process. Be on high alert as you are not separate from the Universe that is unfolding your asking. Perceive, in any moment, if there is any being or doing required of you to contribute to the creating of your choice(s).

You are an integral part of creation. Know this.

Slipping into past or future reference points can activate unconscious content that can change the vibration of your asking. Vigilance to come back to the moment is required. If you do slip into past or future, come to the moment and be your choice anew.

Take the reins of your life and create your reality as you choose.

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