For fifty-six years, Enrica Mallard has lived a private life reflecting and contemplating the idea of Who We Are, divulging her discoveries, thoughts, feelings, and reflections only with close friends and clients in the past twenty years.


Enrica knows that while the world creates a reality of right and wrong, success and failure, in reality this has nothing to do with Who You really Are.


Everything you thought was you is not You.


Who You Are presents in the world when the identifications and filters created in this world, and which we buy as real, are no longer worn.


In Enlightenment in Suburbia, she shares the wisdom she has gained throughout her lifetime to help you gain greater consciousness and reach your true purpose.


You are more Magnificent than you could ever imagine.


Assisting you in your awakening, this book guides, clarifies, inspires, and reminds you Who You really Are beyond all the identities you grasp within your life.


Chapters in the book include:

        • Who Are You?
        • Our Souls and Our Essential Nature
        • Living as Your Self
        • Karma
        • Healing
        • Let God and Let God
        • Death or is it?
        • New World


Free of alignment to any particular teaching or religion, Enlightenment in Suburbia sheds light on what is hindering you from reaching a more enlightened existence. It reminds you that Who You Are is Infinite in nature and reflects as Your Authentic Self in the world and in existence. When you awaken to this, you experience the freedom of communion and Oneness.

There is no other purpose other than returning Home in Oneness.