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Enrica Mallard_Notes for today

Letting Go while in Coronavirus Confinement.

It was with great ease that I withdrew into my introspective nature when the lockdowns due to Coronavirus came into effect.

I embraced the need for isolation and, like so many others, modified my work to be based only by phone and Skype.

Interestingly I have never felt isolated, rather, I felt connected and close to what was unfolding and continuing to occur moment by moment across the planet. I know I am not alone in that feeling.

Initially, I was content in the space created. I noticed how much I had filled my life with a great many connections and obligations which quickly would consume space.

Did I really need to do all of that? Was I “needing” to fill my space? Was I avoiding something?

Introspection facilitates the watching of it all. What a gift!

I noticed that part of those connections was my own Kit Bag of crutches, some of which facilitated me to maintain my status quo and some of which vibrated like Who I Am and facilitated Being.

I was now yearning both, a pull from my ego/mind, reflecting the confinement of my environment, a lack of freedom to choose whatever I was choosing.

In particular, I missed long drives reflecting as I drove through nature, driving to one of the many beautiful nature destinations near where I live. I may sit in nature and write and reflect, grab a coffee and write at a local café. Such crutches within my Kit Bag both transmuted and shook-off any lack of clarity and invited my knowing to arise with ease.

Any attempt to replicate this experience in confinement continued to feel compromised. I continued to notice a lack of peace.

Then I noticed something else.

Without the crutches of my Kit Bag, my go-tos, I was not transmuting the content of my ego/mind as effectively and, together with the increased space of the isolation, my body/mind complex’s innate awareness began triggering the release of deeply stored past trauma.

I continued to watch and experience the release knowing that this was innately derived and, while the experience was not pleasant, I was so grateful that finally I was ready for its release from where it had been stored so securely in my body/mind complex.

I stepped into a letting go and surrender of what was occurring. I cried, I shared, I honoured myself.

I noticed as I spoke to others that I was not alone in experiencing this rippling effect of content ready to be released at this stage of the Coronavirus confinement.

I began to reframe the activities I was undertaking and brought my focus more actively to facilitate a letting go and a greater thriving in the current situation.

I thought to share this in case it is occurring for you and are yet to identify what is going on. Ask yourself:

Am I noticing and/or experiencing a bubbling up of past or current charges/issues which seem “out of the ordinary”?

If you are:

  • Acknowledge that your innate awareness is letting go of content as a direct result of the wholistic current circumstances.
  • Actively and continuously choose to maintain the acknowledgement and an awareness of what is “going on” as this maintains a level of observation which maintains ‘You’ (Your Authentic Self) being in charge rather than ‘you’, the function of the ego/mind. Functioning solely from the ego/mind may send you down the rabbit-hole of the experiences. This perpetuates the issues and the experiences rather than releasing the charge on past content.
  • Remain vigilant of any being and/or doing that will facilitate the letting go of what is being released. I perceived an awareness to activate our activities to process the letting go. Some suggestions:
    • When out for a walk or run, ask that with every step your body/mind complex releases content into the earth knowing that the earth will innately transmute that content with no ill-effect to the planet. Alternatively ask for nature to lift the content from you, not dissimilar to how trees clean our air. Another suggestion is to have a shower and ask the water to wash away the content. Use your imagination and see what works for you.
    • Journal or draw your observations asking for the gems of wisdom from your experiences be perceived with clarity, ease and kindness to you and all. Ask that this process transmute the content being released.
    • Consciously nurture yourself and, if you choose, share your observations with a friend or family member who is ready to listen rather than “fix” or judge the content you may share.
    • Meditation and contemplation. If you have a copy of my book, consider the letting go visualisation meditation I detailed from page 116.
  • Do not judge whether the process is complete or not. As Richard Bartlett from Matrix Energetics used to say, “It is what it is until it isn’t”.
  • Continue this process until your attention is no longer required on the specific content. There may be other content that seeks your attention or maybe not.

Have a go and notice what you notice. Let me know how you go and any other suggestions you have to share. Let me know if you need some more guidance.

I continue to feel so connected with you all. While in the past the internet had connected us globally, the Coronavirus experience is connecting our hearts as one.

Much love to all

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