February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Wait for No-One, the World awaits You…

One thing we all know is that how we are functioning on this planet is not sustainable. We have passed the point of debating the point. There is more than enough evidence that the balance which occurs innately in the indigenous world is now extremely out of balance.

This is the time you chose to incarnate. Why? Reflect on that. Why are you here?
Do not live out a lifetime without the reflections of the bigger picture, only to be occupied by the daily distractions of the scenery you are in.

The world you have incarnated into is waiting for you. You are so truly magnificent and potent that not having you present is recognised and yearned.

When I see people, I do not see the external. Actually, many of you who know me also know that I tend not to notice or retain that sort of detail. Yet, I can tell you the energy of all of you – the beauty and unique essence of you. When I perceive who you really are my heart opens with indescribable joy.

My wish is for you to know this and be this. The yearning for things of this world would no longer distract you. Judge not if this is yet to unfold. Choose it and step into the conscious awareness of its unfolding. That action along will shift content clouding you from being.

Interestingly, it is not the action that is needed, rather the presence of being. When we be in the world, we are functioning from a very high vibration that metaphysically changes matter, changes the world. If we then choose to act informed by our awareness (the language of being) that equally vibrates high and changes the world, yet it is not demanded or needed. A distinction to make is that action chosen from being is always a choice made or not made. There is no charge, there is no point of view. There is no need as the knowing of the bigger picture of existence is also known. A charge on any choice only exists within the reality of the ego/mind.

When we be and do from our awareness we again return to functioning in a reality where balance and no charge is achievable and achieved. There will be a period of rebalancing as we all transition to being.

The world is waiting for each and every one of us to be who we truly are in the world. That is when we will create the rebalancing on the planet. Change has begun, a new world has already instituted where being our authentic self is valued rather than the point scoring systems of identifications grasped as a illusive measure of success. Reflect deep within you – why are you here at this time on this planet? How does being you show up in the world?

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