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It’s Go-Time

Shaking Off

Wow, what a ride Covid has been, yet it is now Go-Time.

As we experience a feeling of emerging out of Covid, even though it is still around, I notice myself and others “shaking off” the period, much like ducks do innately.

We are ready to recalibrate beyond the last 2 years and come back to ourselves as identified by the ego/mind.

The ego/mind loves normality, and it is now striving to regain some level of normal in our everyday.

I also noticed that I, and a great many others, facilitated the planet through their own physicality.

I noticed that the depressive feelings, the impotence, and the immobility was not only mine. It was part of the whole of which I and you are not separate.

It reflects the unconsciousness and fear within our world and the cries for our help from a planet unable to keep up with transmuting our unconscious behaviour.

Don’t be fooled

While at the micro level the ego/mind may be attempting to return to “normal”, don’t be fooled. There is a lot more going on at the macro level of which we are now all apart of in our Common Unity.

There will be no more “normal”.

One of the outcomes of the pandemic was the uniting of all on the planet in Common Unity as One Tribe – a clear demonstration that we are all in this together.

While, at the micro level, we may attempt to regain control and normality, underlying that reality is a deep knowing that a fundamental foundation of the planet remains fatally fractured and our world is unsustainable.

Even with the vast unconsciousness being projected across our world, this knowing is widespread and has bubbled to the surface.

An example of how we can experience it is as a feeling that something is just not OK even though we continue to “try” to re-establish normality.

Having consolidated now as One Tribe, we can no longer look away and live pretending our micro world is returning to normal.

If we could imagine our planet as our body and our world as the food we feed it, how can we ignore our wounded and dying body and the horrendous lack of nourishment we feed that body?

We came for this purpose

Now is the time – it is “Go-Time”.

I know we are much more than the stories we incarnated into. I remember beyond this world.

We have all come to contribute and facilitate the awakening of consciousness on this planet. That is all that is required to honour the planet as it innately functions in each moment to maintain balance.

This purpose contributes to your own awakening.

We are not meant to “arrive” at our own awakening before we facilitate and contribute within Oneness. That is a linear thought of the ego/mind.

You, I, all of us, are here together at this pivotal time to function from our hearts, the altar of the Soul, of our Being.

The “solution” is not anything at the level of vibration of the unconsciousness that created our current situation. The transmutation, the change occurs by gifting at higher vibrations.

The vibration of our hearts is love, the vibration of our Souls is Infinite, Eternal and Divine Love.

The world will judge this as insignificant and impotent, yet, this is the only way.

Ask yourself?

Ask yourself – “Why did You come?”

Recognise Your Self

Recognise Your potency

Awaken to the bigger picture unfolding before our perceptual eyes and our physical eyes.

Live your life at the micro level and consciously perceive Oneness as projected on this planet and ask what You are here to Be and/or do.

We all picked up the feather of responsibility – ability to respond – when we incarnated within the miraculous bodies we are now animating.

Now is the “Go-Time” we came for.

Consciousness has expanded sufficiently that we can no longer look away. That is not possible.

The invitation to You is now ever-present.

Imbued in every moment is the question – “What is required of me?”

Many blessings and much Love


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