July 2019 newsletter

July 2019 newsletter

Returning to Underlying Truth…

It was my absolute honour and privilege to travel through France, England and Scotland with Rosslyn Blundell, Angela Fagan and my beautiful son Patrick Mallard.

What an adventure. With all eyes open and our hearts awakened with ancient remembering, we welcomed the sites we visited like old friends being reacquainted.

We had a plan to visit sites known to reflect the pure and perpetual Divine Feminine in the form of Mary, yet what was unexpected was the welcoming arms of the energy beneath the facade of the physical.

Led my Rosslyn’s immense knowledge and passion as an archaeologist and seeker of truth, we invited the unseen to be seen. Under the canopy and altar of beautiful and radiant objects created with exquisite and extraordinarily workmanship to honour Divinity, we found Divinity: Being in Its Pure formless Nature, awaiting any seeker of truth.

I felt like a humbled child cradled in a Love so profound and unending that I never wanted to leave.

What I also found intertwined in this awareness was that the action of seeking truth was also deeply rewarded. While form has been the destinations and ‘resting’ places for pilgrims for a great many years, the common seeking itself also created a vortex or portal inviting Divinity to reflect its Presence where It was sought.

It is immediately perceivable when Present. The gifting of Divine Love abounding.

This is not limited to those directly connected to the form, in this instance, Christians coming to a church or chapel. That is a level of form vibrating within the story. What I speak of is formless vibration. What I speak of is a vibration so pure and clear and clean that no form or structure is identifiable, yet it is accessed via form and structure, including our physical bodies and senses.

Other connections in the story such as other icons and deity, temples, mosques, nature, being authentic in any capacity, would parallel with what is possible.

I also observed a great many not noticing the vibration I speak of, taking notice of the ornate and intricate framing of such environments as the destination. They are no less gifted. What a joy!!

One profound experience I wish to share was at Rocamadour where on 19th June 2019 as I sat with Mary, I could perceive a message coming through and wrote this as it arose:

“Tell the world about the beauty of love and loving each other. We are all the sons of God, no matter the origin. We are all the daughters of Mother, no matter the origin. We are born to awaken the soul beyond the body and know all is as God, known to God and beloved by God. No-one is alone. All are loved beyond measure. Be in the love of Divinity beyond the measure of the world. Pray to me and I will bring your prayer to life. I have vowed to be there for all who ask me. Know this. I am overjoyed to be with you here. Love all as I love you. You are all my children and relish the embrace of you in my arms. Come to me – all is well – do not leave my embrace.”
In the days after this moment, I continued to perceive information and a few days later I knew that, upon returning home to Melbourne, I was to establish a non-doctrinal shrine to the Black Madonna in Australia. While totally unexpected and humbled by the request, I experienced a strength of determination that arose with total ease.

It certainly was an unexpected outcome of my journey to France, England and Scotland. The details have made themselves known, continuing also after my return home. I will share more as this endeavour begins to take form. I will undoubtedly not be doing this alone.

The fundamental message is to strip back what has veiled truth and invite all to behold it: that we are all “as God, known to God and beloved by God” – no exceptions, no exclusions.

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