March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

Be fearless…

It is March and the targets you have chosen and continue to choose may be beginning to get some traction. Continue to come to your centre and be clear on what you are choosing to create. It is never too late or too early, actually in the reality of Being, time/space is not an issue.

There has been an awareness which continued to arise this last month – being fearless and functioning with fearlessness.

As you reflect on what you are choosing to create, ask yourself if you are ready to fearlessly step into the unknown or even into chaos as your choice unfolds in creation?

This is where the distinctions of the realities we function from truly become evident. The ego/mind reality will continue to hold the reins and demand control. This reality will not allow fearlessness, unless you have adopted it as an identification to prove, which is fearlessness of a very different class, of a polarised reality.

Before we make a choice from the ego/mind reality, often we need to work out how or if it is possible or feasible within that reality, before we choose it. Most people will watch the choice. Some will watch the choice until they figure out how it can be done and then choose it. Making a choice from the ego/mind reality also often requires a solid foundation of family or community or some identification on which we “hang our hat on”. 

When we function from Being, no foundation is required. We know that consciousness has and is our back. We commune with all that Is. Choosing from this place is potent and requires no conditions, no belonging (which is only a product of an ego/mind reality). Choosing from Being is what expands consciousness on the planet and in existence. 

Being fearless is the nature of choosing from this no conditions, and even more is possible if we choose from no context. What this creates ranges from our unique potentialities to infinite possibilities.

This contribution to consciousness creates for us as well as contributes to everyone and everything. There is no away.

While we know that we are in a world that currently reflects a dualistic reality of ego/mind both at a micro and macro level, we know we are not of that world and functioning fearlessly does not buy limitation as real.

Fearlessness gets the information of the world around why we can’t make the choice or choices we are choosing and replaces it with YES I CAN. Fearlessness is not knowing the how, the time-frame, being attached to the outcome, the amount of judgment that will come our way, and choosing it anyway. Fearlessness by-passes any content that is even stored in our own ego/minds which, if functioning from that reality, stop or paralyze us from making that same choice or choices, and choose it anyway. Fearlessness frees us to choose from our soul.

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