May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Your Life Purpose is Being You……….

The discussion of life purpose has come up quite a few times this last month, not only for those I have chatted to, but also for me as I continued to invite a communing with being and body.

While it may seem that life purpose relates to something we do in the world, that “thing” that we feel we were born to “do”, what is clear to me is that the primary life purpose for each of us has nothing to do with doing.

What if we let go the pressure of needing to do anything and Be?
What if Being is why we are here and doing is secondary?
I experienced a deeper level of this knowing this month.
I experienced a release in my body of a fretting I hadn’t noticed before. The fretting, which was ego/mind content within my body, was of a time-frame to get things “done”. It felt like I had signed myself up to a race to “save the world”. My body wasn’t clear and free in the same way I experience Being.
Having a separation from my being, I had taken on the weight of the world in my body. My being knew that God has this, has it all. I just didn’t know it in my body – until now.
When Being, I know that there is nothing to do. Being is the primary target. Now, as I realised this also in my body, I experienced a tremendous release of pressure and stress. God had it. My body didn’t have to carry anything. If, as an aspect of the divine plan unfurling on the planet and in the world, I perceived the invitation to facilitate something, do something, I know I would perceive the awareness of that doing from Being. Then, it is up to me, using my free will, as to whether I choose to act or not.
Doing is secondary – Being is the primary life purpose.
Upon this realisation and release in my body, not only could I perceive in minute detail all the content I was still holding in my body, I could perceive teachers, sacred beings, God, not separate from my body.
When I had created the space of consciousness within and as my body, I found God and so many reflections of God. What a joy and comfort. Home is here in my body, not separate from anything and no-thing.
One of the recent choices I have made is to attend a Vipassana silent meditation retreat. I am feeling in awe and blessed to witness the preparation that has and continues to unfold within my body. I will continue to let go and be in allowance.
Being is our purpose. The space created from Being invites awareness, the unique projection of divinity reflected from and as You. Any doing you choose, informed from awareness, is then secondary to the chief purpose of Being.
Do not adopt a yardstick of the world to measure success or not of life purpose, or even if you are living your life purpose in your doing. Function beyond in the vibration of divine love and Being, and you will experience a nurturing of body, and the clarity of body and being communing in Oneness, instituting divinity in the world, no matter the doing.

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