Now is the Time

Now is the Time

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Now is the Time

Something has changed very recently. We are experiencing a sudden shift from a state of “waiting” to “now is the time”.

The Ripple

I know deeply that the Universe works out the “how” of our asking and the asking that is rippling through the Universe in this moment is beginning to be instituted, and it is us who will participate in the facilitation of those changes.

Gift Yourself Space

It is time to gift yourself the space to perceive awareness and ask yourself what You are here to be and/or do.

As a Unique Infinite Being, you will perceive awareness arising from and through You.

This is the time a great many of us we could feel was coming.


The actions being called for does not feel separate from the primary purpose for incarnating which is to awaken to the truth of Who We Are and return to Oneness. It does not feel different because Oneness is the target for all the changes emerging.

Story Merging with Consciousness

Now is the time that story merges with consciousness.

Previously, those awakened to truth held space, guiding others to consciousness.

At this pivotal moment, the story of matter is evolving to be in alignment with consciousness.

The Tipping Point

The tipping point has occurred.

There is no going back.

We are all awakening.

Level of Functioning

Functioning from separation and the ego/mind will be dismantled and transmuted.

We are transitioning to functioning as the Infinite Beings we Are.

Global Tribe

“We are all in this together” has never been more evident as we address the transition at the global level, as a global tribe.

All actions taken in this moment are amplified and echoed throughout our world and beyond.


Actually, I perceive ripples coming from beyond, from other realms as well as across the planet and our world.

Everyone and everything in existence is stepping up in the non-separation ready to facilitate the cosmic changes, ready to heal the world.

Returning to Oneness

The divine and infinite love for us is immeasurable and I feel it behind the ripples coming endlessly to facilitate those needing aid – us – all for the purpose of returning to Oneness as truly there isn’t anything else.

Many blessings and much Love



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