october 2019 newsletter

october 2019 newsletter

The Gift of Humour to our Bodies.

Someone recently suggested to me that I could do with an injection of humour in my life.

What a gift!

My perceptual eyes opened wide when I heard these words and I received an abundance of information. It was like a jeweled key was given to me and I opened awareness I had not accessed before.

I perceived my life flashing before me and noticed that I experienced very little humour in my life. Growing up with my three sisters, the focus was survival. Laughter was not present nor encouraged.

Then the “ah ha” moment arose.

I have observed many contributions as to why I was so separate from my body, but the lack of laughter was not one of them. In this moment I knew it to be true.

The experience with my body has been of rigidity, fear, pain and inaccessibility. Even feeding my body has been a life-long struggle. Recently a core belief that “there is no time to feed me” had bubbled to the surface and this now enriched the awareness I was perceiving.

I now saw that humour may have not only expanded my experience of life, it would have dissolved the narrow perspective of survival in which I was living in my body.

Writing this now, I feel such a shift and release. I can’t even believe I held on to such rigidity for so long. Humour allows a freedom from constraint.

Humour is an unconditional companion that sees you and heals you.

I know that we make choices and the Universe works out the how. I have continued to make a choice to commune with my body. This week “the how” was injecting humour and fun and laughter into my life as a companion. I know also that this will facilitate my natural humour to emerge. Watch out everyone – I don’t know what that looks like yet!!

I am so grateful that these days I welcome and invite more and more of the content that clouds my True Self from Being in the world to rise up into conscious awareness. Bearing witness to it allows it to shift and drop away. It certainly has done so this week.

Out of curiosity I googled the origin of “humour”.

Wikipedia states that the term “humour” (from the Latin word for “body fluid”) derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks which taught the balance of fluids within the human body.

Who would have thought that “humour” is literally medicine for the balance of our human bodies? Humour controls human health and emotions.

So, let us all invite and partake in more fun, laughter and humour. Allow this to be your medicine. I most certainly will.

Let us share with each other what makes us laugh.

Let us move forward together and have fun as we continue to experience our journey on the planet at this time of immense change.

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