Our Hearts Only Know Inclusivity

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Our Hearts Only Know Inclusivity

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When we function from the cloud of unconsciousness surrounding us in the world, we literally lose sight of our innate Nature which knows we are all Beings reflecting a Unique Aspect of Divinity.

We know that neither the cloak of incarnation nor the identifications we adopt as we function in the foggy reality of unconsciousness, is the truth of Who We really Are.

Let us take a moment and gift the world our innate Divine Love
Let us radiate our knowing in the world.

Breathe into your heart
Notice it beating in rhythm, reflecting the OM vibration from which all form is derived.

When stillness arrives, notice the space (consciousness with no content). Stay ‘there’ a while.

Now, if you choose, fill that space with your Divine Love and visualise that Love radiating beyond you in all directions simultaneously.

Continue to expand your Radiant Love within the world.

Now notice that your Radiant Love meets others in their hearts and souls. It bypasses any unconsciousness of who they think they are, rather, It vibrates with the True Self on the altar of their heart.

What a gift you are. Stay ‘here’ for as long as you choose, notice what You notice, knowing you are facilitating change in the world and awakening truth.

Nothing goes unnoticed in the Universe.


Return to this process of Loving all whenever your awareness calls you to do so.

Much love to all

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