‘Wow!’, After coming out of my first session with Enrica, I felt like I had just run a marathon. My head was spinning! I felt and still feel, clearer about my future path and so many parts of my past finally make sense. Enrica has given me a different perspective on key events in my life and some new language to use that is a much better fit than what I was using in stories I have been telling myself. Enlightening! Liberating! Wonderful!”
- Shane, Melbourne Australia

As a mother of four young children, I first contacted Enrica seeking guidance and support for my young twins who as part of a new generation of children, were experiencing a different reality to me. Through our sessions with Enrica, she was able to give me insight into what the twins were experiencing. Without judgement and with understanding, Enrica helped me to build the confidence I needed to guide and protect the twins along their spiritual journey, to enable them to fulfil their life’s purpose. Enrica continues to guide me regularly as new issues arise. Due simply to Enrica’s guidance, our home has become a peaceful environment where we have learnt to live in harmony with our dualistic reality. The insight I have gained from Enrica has been absolutely invaluable as a parent and has led to me acquiring a new spiritual awareness. I am now seeing and experiencing my own life with new clarity, purpose and meaning. Enrica was a ‘gift’ to our family. She is a selfless and generous soul and has a graceful manner. Her kindness and love has awoken us from our ‘stories’, enlightened our paths and so has changed our lives forever.
- Simone, Melbourne Australia

My healing sessions with Enrica have proven to be enlightening and life-changing. Enrica has a unique approach where she perceives you and your life from a different level that goes beyond this world. Her ability to work with all energies helps you to move you through any self-imposed limitations and connects you with your true essence. I have also noticed that the changes that I have made during each session, are permanent, allowing me to BE more of ME.
- Jan McIlwraith, Melbourne Australia

Enrica Mallard has supported and worked with me to shift and transform me from the story and circumstances around my early years. Her deep intuitive insights and knowledge have contributed to how I live my life today. I highly recommend Enrica’s unique gifts that get to the heart of the issue and I know that if you are seeking transformation, Enrica can ultimately take you there.I knew this all my life, yet I tried to fit into the world.
- Angela Fagan, Melbourne Australia