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Current Lack of Space

Recently I have noticed even further collapsing of systems and thoughts holding past unsustainable practices and behaviours in place.

While initially my reaction (from the ego/mind) was a frettingness and very tangible experience of lack of space in my environment, what a little bit of space allowed was the perceiving of awareness to “stay with the Light”.

Old Foundations Collapsing

I noticed that “grabbing” on to what we have known in the past, often conditioned as something “right” or “wrong”, is no longer fully formed in matter and we are struggling to maintain our foundations.

We have relied on our identifications as our foundations, and from there we have jumped off into the world.

These foundations are energetically falling apart.

We need something else.

Consciousness is the new foundation
In the future, consciousness (space with no content) will be the foundation.

I knew this would unfold a while ago, and even wrote about it in my book, yet now it is coming to be.

We are all contributing to the expansion of consciousness on this planet. There are other beings beyond this planet in a great many dimensions and realms also contributing to the expansion of consciousness on this planet.

What to Be and/or Do Now

At this time, do not try to grasp any information as your foundation. Stay with the Light. Light is the vehicle of projecting consciousness. That is absolute truth – and ease and divine love.

While in your day to day you may perceive awareness of being and/or doing that is facilitated by:

  • the information you are aware of, and/or
  • information you have knowledge of,

do not use that as your identification and foundation. Use it as a tool to create what you are choosing.

Current Chaos

The environment around us is currently in chaos because we are identifying with bi-polar opinions and states of thought. We are putting the “stake in the ground” somewhere along a bi-polar dualistic reality that is no longer solid.

The form of these thoughts and systems are beginning to fall apart and its function as a foundation is no longer be viable.

This creates nothing but extreme and tumultuous judgment, division, diminishment, and more insanity, all in our efforts to hold on to what we thought was truth for us.

Information is not absolute truth

Information is not absolute truth and we are transitioning to truth beyond matter.

This is cause for celebration as it means the beginning of the end of creating foundations with identifications – a process necessary as we transition to being held in and as consciousness.

Magnificence of You in and as Oneness

Take care and be kind to yourself during this very unsettled period. All is well. We are being held in the same consciousness – in Oneness. We are never away from Oneness. It is our identification with matter that clouds us from knowing and experiencing the essence of Who We Are – the Magnificence of Who We All Are.

As we all transition to being with Light in consciousness, the duality will fade away and the new world that is currently emerging will be evident to all.

Many blessings and much Love


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