Like most of us, the roller coaster ride of life has provided me with ample material to reflect and gain awareness of Who We Really Are.


I have spent the majority of this lifetime observing the effect that the world’s judgement has on us all. These judgements outside of us create expectations that we not only buy as real, we adopt them as our own. We then measure our success or failure based on these external benchmarks.


The focus in this reality, in this world, is often based on what is wrong with us:

        • what we haven’t done right;
        • what is not enough;
        • what we haven’t done like someone else;
        • what we need to acquire, and
        • what we need to do differently.


What if there actually isn’t anything wrong with us?
What if we are clouded with all the identifications, judgments and expectations outside ourselves?


Having trained as a Reiki Master, Rebirther, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator for a time, and having worked with clients for 20 years, this is very clear to me and the focus of my work with one-on-one sessions, groups and classes.


I have developed a capacity to perceive Who We Are and what is buffers us from Being our Authentic Self in the world. This is my primary focus as I continue to choose an unwavering commitment to the expansion of Consciousness on the planet.


What I know is that we are so uniquely magnificent. We are each such a gift to this world, and beyond, within existence itself. 


What I also know is that to access this Magnificence we need to come to our centre and Be our Authentic Selves. There, with no effort, our innate Essential Natures emerge.


This is the source of true and sustained happiness and joy.


It gives me great joy to facilitate others to Be Who They Are in the world. I know this is the only purpose we are here.

Everything we Be and/or do is to return to our core centre and recommune in Oneness. 


In my recently published first book, Enlightenment in Suburbia, I have detailed what I know about Who We Are and all that hinders each and every one of us from spiritual awakening, from Enlightenment.


The book itself is a process which will facilitate the Authentic You showing up in the world and in existence.


Take your time with the book and allow your own knowing to emerge. Allow yourself the space to notice and explore your awareness. Practice this in your life and I will guarantee, you will attain greater contentment, and ultimately the Joy of Oneness.