Being your Authentic Self
is why you are here

What I do

Develop Awareness

Explore possibilities

Inspire and facilitate consciousness

Empower choice, freedom and joy

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About Enrica

Throughout my life, I have observed the effect of the world’s judgment. The world has set up a structure of right and wrong, good and bad. Interestingly, the measures for that structure vary, and can even be opposing, depending on where you were born, where you live, and what society or group you belong to.

This reflects an untrue measure of who we are, yet it is the identifications which we ‘collect’ along the way while functioning from that structure, that the world defines as “who we are”.

I was born knowing that this is not truth. I have been reflecting on this internally all my life, and I know sharing this insight is my purpose.

I know the truth of Who We Are and we are here to remember.

My work is to awaken the Authentic Self not only in your life but as Your Life.

This is where true happiness and all possibilities lie.

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“I am passionate about inspiring and facilitating conscious, personal change with a focus on Authenticity of Self within the world.”