Enlightenment in Suburbia



WHAT I KNOW IS that we are all Magnificent beyond description. We are all Unique aspects of Divinity that will never Present the same. You Being You is what you are here for.

I lost access to much of this knowing when I incarnated. I was clouded by the density of matter. I bought the story I was born into as real, as who I was. It was all foreign to me and I could not see past the fear that arose being in that reality, so I chose to remain in the formless reality of my internal reflections and knowing.

I perpetually reflected and contemplated Who We Are and what impedes us Being Who We Are in the world. For the most part, I even questioned incarnation.

It was when I stopped rejecting the notion of incarnation and stepped into an allowance of my body that the awareness to write arose. I did not set out to write a book. I was expressing externally and grounding on the page my private and personal reflections.

Soon I realised that the information was not for me alone. I began expressing the knowing and developed a series of classes. Those classes soon translated into the chapters of this book.

This book feels like a coming out for me. For 55 years I have lived a private life reflecting and contemplating Who We Are, sharing only with close friends and clients for the past 20 years. Now it is out there to read, if you choose.

Do not consider this book prescriptive. It is knowing that has projected through Who I Am. Consider it more a conversation and an invitation to bring more of your own knowing to Light.

I hope it inspires you to know what you know. I hope it invites you to expand your scope of thinking and perceiving. Mostly, I hope that it facilitates, even in a small way, you knowing Who You Are and for you to Be that in the world, whichever world you frequent.

Consciousness has expanded sufficiently on the planet that Who We Are can be received wherever in the story we choose to Be, even in suburbia.

At times, I have used terminology that articulates the energy I am perceiving. You may not have used those word labels in the same context, stay with me as we share the awareness.

As you progress through the book, I have included a few practical exercises. Choose for yourself if you wish to undertake them or a variation that comes to your awareness.

The book itself is a process, and you may choose to journal your observations and awareness as you read the book. My target is for you to know and acknowledge the Magnificence of You.

Thank you for choosing this book. It has been a joy to write. There are an infinite number of possibilities to receive this information and it honours me that this book has crossed your path.

In Gratitude



I am passionate about inspiring and facilitating conscious, personal change with a focus on authenticity of self within the world.


My attention often broadens to how we function in our life environments.

When we begin to access our innate knowing, we are rewarded with broader awareness and greater empowered experience of our life.

Types of Consultations

  • One-on-one in person or via Skype;
  • Group sessions and workshops; and
  • Corporate facilitation.

Facilitation may include:

      1. Identifying the current situation;
      2. Gathering broader awareness on that situation;
      3. Exploring different perspectives;
      4. Gaining clarity and status on personal choices;
      5. Facilitating change on what does not work, acknowledging what is working; and
      6. Creating direction for moving forward.


Functioning from authenticity provides a unique resource that not only informs our choices, it facilitates our ability to respond to life’s challenges in congruence with our own inner knowing.

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About the author

Like most of us, the roller coaster ride of life has provided me with ample material to reflect and gain awareness of Who We Really Are.

Our focus in this reality is often based on what is wrong with us, what we need to acquire and what we need to do differently.

What if there actually isn’t anything wrong? What if we are clouded with all the identifications, judgments and expectations outside ourselves?

Having trained as a Reiki Master, Rebirther, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator for a time, and having worked with clients for 20 years, this is very clear to me and the focus of my work with one-on-one sessions, groups and classes.

I have developed a capacity to perceive Who We Are and what is buffers us from Being that in the world.

It gives me great joy to facilitate others to Be more and, in the process, continue to facilitate more of me showing up.

In my recently published first book, Enlightenment in Suburbia, I have detailed what I know about Who We Are and all that hinders each and every one of us from spiritual awakening, from enlightenment.

The book itself is a process which will facilitate the authentic you showing up in the world and in existence. Take your time with the book and allow your own knowing to emerge. This is success for me.

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