What is Awareness?

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What is Awareness?

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What is Awareness

Awareness is the language of Being and is the knowing that is perceived when we Be our Authentic Self not only in the world, in existence.

We have one Life as a Being and, while we have chosen to incarnate into this world, we remain Infinite Beings and have access to the Essential Nature of Who We Are, and Its language, awareness.

As Infinite Beings, we are One with All That Is and have available to us the Infinite resources of existence.

Awareness is the means by which this knowing is captured by us consciously. Formless and Infinite knowing is vibrationally lowered and funnelled to the form of the language of awareness.

This form that is awareness remains very high in vibration. It also is perceived as information with no point-of-view, no position, no judgement. It “Is”.

Being incarnate does not change the availability of awareness. What does cloud it, however, are our ego/minds.

The Ego/Mind

In our one Life, whenever we have not functioned as Our Authentic Self, we accumulate a density of content that is stored in and as our ego/minds. This can also be called karma.

Often this is accumulated during incarnations yet is not limited to that. It can also be accumulated in the astral realms beyond incarnations. Similarly, it can be transmuting, removing or lessening the charge on that content.

The nature of the Authentic Self is non-judgmental, no exclusions, no conclusions, Being Present in the moment with no reference point to the past and no anticipation of the future.

Whenever we are not Being this, we are gathering filters to Being this.

Our world has lost this knowing

Our world has lost this knowing and what we see over history as the establishment of benchmarks of “right and wrong”, “good or bad” is an attempt to mimic the knowing that is innate in us all. It began to compensate for those that lost access to their own knowing, often commencing in religious and indigenous settings where access to awareness was originally perceived.

Even this knowledge has been fundamentally lost and the original “crutch” used to facilitate access to awareness became themselves the target rather than returning to Being Our Authentic Self.

The target became fulfilling the benchmarks deemed to be acceptable and this requires judgement, conclusion, comparison, exclusion, superiority and discrimination, and this applied at all levels from family, groups, societies, countries, and across the world. Each unique entity that considers itself different and unique creates their own “mix” of identifications which they advocate as “right or wrong”, “good or bad”.

Over time, across incarnations we build a resource of associations from all these expectations. We even think that the sum total of this content is “who we are”. The world would judge it as who we are.

This has nothing to do with the truth of Who We Are.

Transition to Our Authentic Self

It is only when we begin to recognise and observe that we are functioning from the dualistic reality of the world – the world of “good or bad”, “right or wrong”, that an opening is created for us to notice that we are something much more potent than any measure outside of ourselves.

We begin to question – Who Am I?

This invitation to knowing begins the filtering through of awareness. Initially we experience an uncertainty as to whether we are thinking the thoughts or perceiving awareness, yet the more we practice noticing and observing the information, the more we can differentiate the source.

Characteristics of Awareness

What does differentiate awareness from thinking or a thought from the ego/mind:

You notice that the information arose in no time/space. There was no thinking process putting thoughts together. There was no linear sequence of thought. Often the information is perceived “out of the blue”.

Awareness has no point of view. It is pure and clean information. If there is present any experience of superiority, judgement, exclusion, diminishment of anyone or anything, it will not be awareness. Awareness will always project the Oneness that Is of which no one is excluded.


We experience a sense of familiarity to the essence of the information. This is difficult to describe. It is like Home gave you awareness imbued with Divine and Unconditional Love, Joy and Beauty, and you know it Is You, a Oneness You are not separate from.

Purpose of Awareness

Why is awareness our target?

We incarnate for one reason only: To know thyself. To realise that You are an Infinite Divine Being and return Home to Oneness.

As we navigate this world through incarnation, we look to the world for the road Home, even if this remains unconscious to you. This is truly the only yearning we have that is real.

However, the world has lost this knowing, yet each and every one of us has access to truth within ourselves and it is communicated by awareness.

Honing your capacity to perceive awareness is the beginning of you coming back to Your Self and arriving at the threshold of Home. It is here that all possibility open to you and all can be unto You. You are more Magnificent than you can ever imagine in the ego/mind. Receive this knowing until you know it for yourself through awareness.

Many blessings and much Love



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