What is Success?

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What is Success?

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Do you know what true success is?

When we function from the perspective of the world, success is measured as something outside of us. There is a particular unit of measure in the dualistic or polarised reality that is either achieved or not achieved.

For example:

  • A promotion.
  • A certain level of wealth.
  • Attaining defined goals.
  • ‘ownership’ of things – for some ‘owning’ rare or expensive items is the ultimate identification of success.

These measures of success will always be short-lived and unsustainable.

The illusion of success, and its fleeting happiness, is quickly clouded by further desires to grasp more. This is due to a fear of loosing the status of success, a positioning and hierarchy of being “better than” another.

This is all imposed force creating a perpetual need to surmount our latest achievement of success in order to stay relevant, stay noticed, stay happy – to be someone, even to be someone outstanding (that is, someone standing apart and noticed by others)!

This is all ‘smoke and mirrors’ created by our ego/minds, a misidentification of who we are.

The world has lost knowing and defined who we are as a series of identifications and, if you achieve certain identifications, you are successful.

If you don’t achieve those identifications or lose them, you are unsuccessful or a failure.

Interesting, each society or group that defines itself uniquely will have their own measure of which identifications constitute success, and these may very well be contradictory when compared.

The truth is very simple.

No-thing outside yourself is a measure of success. Only you can measure your success.

Success is you Being You in the world and in existence.

The degree to which you are living as Your Authentic Self while incarnate and not incarnate is success, and how Being Your Authentic Self shows up is projected from your own experience of what Being You Is, not an imposed point of view from outside of you.

Interestingly, in this context, success is a vibration of love, joy, excitement, expansiveness, freedom and bliss for and as Your Self. This is not anything imposed, it is experienced naturally when Being more and more Your Self.

Whenever you remove a further layer or filter of the identifications of the world, you reveal more of You in the world, and you experience that blissful sense of Self – you experience true success.

Let us note that success in the world is adding on/loading more identifications while true success is removing them, returning to the freedom and ‘nakedness’ of Self.

Being in true success does not require any effect to maintain, and others notice it, not from identification, rather from Your Radiance.

When you succeed to project Who You Are in the world, You radiate and glow your innate Nature.

I know that the world is recalibrating to balance in so many ways.

Imagine a world which encourages and champions the radiance of our true Self as success.

I know this is possible and it will occur when we each succeed, radiating and lighting up the planet with our Unique Magnificent and Infinite Selves.

Let us step into our knowing, rather than the finite expectations of the world, and create a new world defining success as the radiance of all of us as the Infinite Beings we truly Are.

Blessings to you all


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