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    What is Awareness?

    Awareness is the language of Being and is the knowing that is perceived when we Be our Authentic Self not only in the world, in existence.We have one Life as a Being and, while we have chosen to incarnate into this world, we remain Infinite Beings and have access to the Essential Nature of Who We Are, and Its language, awareness.

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  • What is Success?

    Do you know what true success is?When we function from the perspective of the world, success is measured as something outside of us. There is a particular unit of measure in the dualistic or polarised reality that is either achieved or not achieved.

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  • goodbye mum blog post image

    Goodbye Mum

    On 16th July 2020, I had both the honour and privilege to be present when my dear mum passed away and transitioned beyond this earthly reality.

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  • Our Hearts Only Know Inclusivity

    We know that neither the cloak of incarnation nor the identifications we adopt as we function in the foggy reality of unconsciousness, is the truth of Who We really Are.

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